Just Released From Jail and Im not Talking O.J.

It all started with this post
First Time Convicted Felon and i have been documenting my progress.

I wrote this post while i was locked up and im just now posting it. Well it took them 3 years but the system finally got me. I went 3 yrs. without getting in trouble and on a minor error, im doing 60 days with no way out. Its not as bad as i always thought, im only in a county jail and not prison. Either way im still not free and im surrounded by walls, steel and inmates.

I was arrested July 12, 2007 at my job on a warrent that was originally issued by Florida. The first probation officer assigned to my case was on leave due to a back injury and i was given a new one. Of course the new P.O. had no clue how my case was so he decided to report me as not completing my duties. That caused florida to send out a warrent for my arrest.

My probation was set to end on July 27th and the warrent was issued June 1st and its July 26 so im curious how this is going to end. My probation officer is acting like he doesn’t know what is going on and not communicating with my family to know what to do next. I get a feeling even after my probation is over the saga will continue.


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