First Time Convicted Felon

Yeah folks that’s right I am a convicted felon. I’m not going to write what I was convicted of but I will give you a list of the top 5 worst things that I’m not convicted for..

1. Murder

2. Child Molester

3. Rape

4. Armed Robbery

5. Conspiracy

All these choices do not apply but ill leave you with your own conclusion. How many of you reading this are convicted felons..Don’t worry I don’t want you to leave a comment if your wanted or even if your not I don’t want to scare folks away…I’m just curious..Because what I’m bout to write about I feel the felons would relate the best. Now here is what I would like to point out on this 1st of many writings of a first time convicted felon. A ruined life for a 9 to 5…From the time a person gets arrested depending on there charge, a felony charge will have you sit in jail about a good 3 days…Now in if this happen to you on a Sunday night right before work this could possibly be a problem with your boss on Thursday morning, and the only excuse you can give him is that your were locked up…Shit, the reality that you might not have a job when you get out is very real..So not only do you get charged up the ass in fines and court fees now I have to pay these fuckers 74 bucks a month because of probation..DAMN!!..

spare your pity because that’s not what I’m shooting at…I know what I did..But I also know I am a family man that just does what he has to do to make ends meet but the phrase ” I was having too much fun” pops to mind….Driving a little too fast, In the wrong town and now “I’m locked up.. They won’t let me out….They wont let me out….I’m locked up!”… Well it wasn’t longer than 72 hours since my arrest that they finally let me out..And the killer part is that this all happened 4 hours away from home…DAMN!!

So come to find out that I have to come to court from out of town and appear in court promptly at 8:30 a.m. I live 4 hours away so do the math…I get there on my first appearance and I had to wait the whole day because they go by alphabet and my last name begins with a P…OOHH…Ok and after all that all I was doing was listening what I was charged with and that the state is not ready for the case so we will see you next month. O K …On my way home now and court let me out for 5:30!!!! DAMN!!!

To be continued….



  1. Anonymous · November 3, 2004

    Things DO get better, believe me. But you just got to keep your head up and learn from this lesson. Hopefully, you have a good support system (ie. friends/family) to help you out — cause that will be important*

    *another note on that topic: you WILL find out who your true friends are… 

    Posted by madame

  2. Anonymous · November 4, 2004

    Thank you…i had a few mess ups its looking a little ugly in here 

    Posted by u_set

  3. MrGPT · June 24, 2007

    I really want to know what you did. 😛


  4. uway · June 25, 2007

    well its been 3 years and im almost off probation but i had about 40 extacy pills and 20 grams of weed in my car. I was speeding and he got me from the other side of the highway.

  5. tovorinok · July 5, 2007


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  6. Music-Band · August 5, 2007


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  9. jay · August 16, 2008

    i got arrested for 3 misameaers and one felony and i payed a lowyer $5000.00 and i have to go back to court next week and i dont know what is going to happen i know iam going to get 3 or more years on probation but i dont know if iam going to go back to jail i my bail was $3500.00 its my 1st felony and 1st time going to jail but 2nd time gething arrested

  10. Ken · November 13, 2008

    I’m a convicted felon. My life is over. A felony is a living, breathing death penalty. Society wants me dead, I’m convinced of that. I had a pretty good life; decorated for service during Desert Storm, outstanding military career, almost 6 years of perfect work history.
    None of it was taken into account. Never, ever cooperate with the police. An interview is just a way for the police to
    circumvent Miranda and the US Constitution. I lost my wife,
    my family, my home. Friends say “you’re lucky. You’re not
    in jail.” At least in jail, someone would kill me and get it over with.

    • Angela · July 6, 2010

      I am a convicted felon. I was convicted of felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer, because I wouldn’t let him in my house and he grabbed me by the hair of my head and claimed that I hit him. He was tying to cover his a.. for using excessive force.
      Anyway, I am 36 years olad and Ihad never been in trouble a day in my life and I received 5 years felony probation. My public defender talked me into taking a plea and told me that it would not show up on an employment or residential back ground check if I claimed first offender. Well, needless to say that is a lie. I can’t get a job or qualify for an apartment. I was alostold that it would not be visable to the nursing board. Another, lie. I nolonger have a license as a nurse.
      I don’t know what to do. I applied for a job at McDonalds and was tuened down for an $8/hour position becaus eof this conviction.
      What I am going to do. It has completely ruined my life.

  11. adonis · November 30, 2008

    I need to know what happens

  12. Mike · January 3, 2009

    Came across this site. Interesting. I was looking for max time on Felonies and looking for how many felonies I’ve been conviced of. Well as it turns out I’m a 3 time convicted felon, I was facing 30 plus years in 95. I lucked out, god bless. Served a total of 3 1/2 years in prison, yes god bless. I’ve been out since late 97 and things are going great. In twice, once in 95 and the 2nd in 97. Wrapped up a 2 1/2 almost to the day. I’ve went back to college, received to degrees. Received a couple cirtificates and a number of licences. Last two emploment situations the back ground checks didnt become an issue. I had the same fears alot of you ladies and guys might have. How will I ever get a good job. Well through prayer, AA some counciling and some great chocies, edu, licences and alot of hard work. You can get a second chance at life.


    Mike S

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