1. Brenda · July 8, 2008

    Hi. I believe that we are working on similiar projects. I need your help to shut down the government and force impeachment. I need you to set up a local chapter in your area. For details go to-

    Who, how and why

    1. Impeachment has not and will not happen because A. Nothing gets done in Washington, without a team of lobbyist. Not only do we not have ANY lobbyist but the military industrial complex has lobbied hard against impeachment and B. All of Congress and the Senate are guilty of authorizing the SAME crimes.

    2. Why impeach now? 1. You need impeachment to start criminal proceedings, 2. You don’t want Bush to pardon any one else or 3. destroy more evidence and 4. our elections have been stolen before, voting machines jacked/rigged, elections hijacked, voters intimidated, etc. how can you trust them now when none of these issues have been addressed properly?

    3. HOW- Only YOU can make Impeachment a reality instead of an internet fantasy. An Economic Strike has already begun and a Global General Strike will begin in Sept. and run to Oct 1st when we launch our ‘October Suprise’. Details can be found at:

    Ofcourse, your first reaction is, that’ll never work/happen. The wise despot maintains a feeling of hopelessness among his subjects…

    Original Content at

    May 28, 2008 151 Congressmen Derive Financial Profit From War
    By Ralph Forbes

    151 Congressmen Derive Financial Profit From War
    Blood money stains the hands of more than 25% of members of the U.S. House and Senate

    Who profits from the Iraq war? More than a quarter of senators and congressmen have invested at least $196 million of their own money in companies doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) that profit from the death and destruction in Iraq.

    Click the link above for the complete article.
    THANX, let’s keep in touch. -chris

  2. Rondarious · July 18, 2013

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