10 ways to make it in a Depression

Dryin’ my credit cards

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1. Keep as many jobs as possible. Im sure you can baraly keep one much less two but a side job or a quick hustle on the side is always good.

2. End all wants and keep your needs. This one is tough considering im talking about everything you want has to be cut down to just what you need right now.

3. Cut back on your daily fix. If your a smoker or a coffee drinker this will hurt your daily consumpstion but this will save you a few bucks for gas.

4. Start planning all your routes. This saves time and gas when going to any location othere then your usual route. its important to save as much gas per trip.

5. Stop Eating Out! If you say to your self do i have enough to get something to eat then no you do not have enough. Go to the store and pick up something to cook for a week at a time and if your fat think of this as a great time to cut back on eating.

6. Car pool as much as possible. This is a no brainer, if somebody needs you to do something ask for a ride.

7. Do everything yourself. If you have a flat tire and you have a spare change it yourself and save you a few bucks on the wreck service. Change your own brakes its not that hard and the oil can wait a extra 1000 miles or so. Don’t forget to start cutting your own lawn.

8. Learn how to use Quick books and run your business. Unless your a millionaire you should learn how to count your own money.

9. Stop Buying Expensive Clothes That are for Rich people. So what if you can afford that one Gucci purse, your supposed to get the matching outfit and shoes to match but that would put you in the streets. My point is in a year from now that gucci purse is usless.

10. Stop Using Your Credit Cards and Get some Real Cash.

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How Do I Make My Computer to do This?

Im tired of having to open my browser, sign on and upload my pictures, videos and music. I feel like its a chore to upload your content. I feel everything should be able to be done right from your desktop and to any service you choose to have activated.

I took 5 mins to make a demontration of what i would like my computer to do on the left on photoshop. I want to be able to send my files from any folder to any social network that i can add my content to. Of course the file would be specific like if i want to upload a mp3 Flickr will not come up in the menu. More like just Myspace, pownce, wordpress or tumblr.

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Where In The World Is Dick Cheney?

Cheney Search

Cheney Search

Has anybody wondered where in the hell is Dick Cheney? What about him saying anything about the economy. How do you think he is doing on Wall Street? All this fuss about The new Vice president Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney is not even mentioned so why is Sarah Palin So important as a vice president now?

Update: Instead of the economy Dick Cheney is Dedicating his time to  wildlife.

RENO, Nev.—Vice President Dick Cheney is now scheduled to substitute for President Bush with a speech in Reno on Friday to a conference on hunting and wildlife habitat.


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People do Your Homework On Earmarks

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and...

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Am i the only one that had no Clue about what earmarks are? Well i did my usual search around on the net and i come to find out that there has not been a story on earmarks since 2006. What i found even more amusing is the rather big amount of money that Congress just Feels like spending our money on. Here are a few links to the stories that wrote about the government earmark.

Lawmakers increased spending by more than 6 percent from last year to pay for almost 10,000 special projects for their home districts, according to Citizens Against Government Waste, a Washington-based group that seeks to eliminate inefficiency in government.

The group cited $500,000 being spent on the teapot museum and $100,000 on the boxing club as being particularly egregious wastes of public money and deserving of derisive “oinker” awards.


What bothers me the most is that There is no New numbers on how much is washington spending in earmarks and how much are they cutting?? This is where both Obama and McCain are working with the same. Bring out the Truth Congress and the Truth Shall Set you Free.

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Spike Lee’s Ad Agency Reaches Out To The Underground Hip Hop

Babylon A.D.Image via Wikipedia

Spike Lee’s advertising agency, Omnicom Group’s Spike DDB, has partnered with goldmic.com, a hip-hop social networking site, to bring new brands to the five-year old site.

The partnership also means that Spike DDB clients, who include Pepsi, Turner Networks and Johnson and Johnson, may be offered the option of advertising on the site. “We will certainly consider how to approach our clients,” said Joel Johnson, managing director, of New York based Spike DDB.

Current advertisers include Nike and the upcoming Vin Diesel film “Babylon A.D.“. According to Johnson, goldmic.com will begin targeting categories such as apparel, entertainment, consumer electronics and education.

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