Predictions For 2010

This will be the first post of the year and will be the only one for a while only because blogging is so time consuming..seems that the older i get the less of it i can waste. Now lets get on to the nitty gritty, for my first and obvious prediction, Apple Iphone Will go 4G, Google phone will fail unless they give away there phones. Your Desktop computer will now be your TV, Most if not all tvs by the end of the year will have a hard drive running off a operating system, Your desktop will be converted from laptops to touch tops and pads, Video will yet again go thru a change Welcome 2k and 4k. Ipod touch will do video!! (fuck a iphone). Skype will be the new home phone the kids are getting into more. We still will be at war but it want be called that. Movies will suck even more if they come out with revamps and sequels. And there will be more Celebrity scandals


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