10 ways to make it in a Depression

Dryin’ my credit cards

Image by Don Nunn via Flickr

1. Keep as many jobs as possible. Im sure you can baraly keep one much less two but a side job or a quick hustle on the side is always good.

2. End all wants and keep your needs. This one is tough considering im talking about everything you want has to be cut down to just what you need right now.

3. Cut back on your daily fix. If your a smoker or a coffee drinker this will hurt your daily consumpstion but this will save you a few bucks for gas.

4. Start planning all your routes. This saves time and gas when going to any location othere then your usual route. its important to save as much gas per trip.

5. Stop Eating Out! If you say to your self do i have enough to get something to eat then no you do not have enough. Go to the store and pick up something to cook for a week at a time and if your fat think of this as a great time to cut back on eating.

6. Car pool as much as possible. This is a no brainer, if somebody needs you to do something ask for a ride.

7. Do everything yourself. If you have a flat tire and you have a spare change it yourself and save you a few bucks on the wreck service. Change your own brakes its not that hard and the oil can wait a extra 1000 miles or so. Don’t forget to start cutting your own lawn.

8. Learn how to use Quick books and run your business. Unless your a millionaire you should learn how to count your own money.

9. Stop Buying Expensive Clothes That are for Rich people. So what if you can afford that one Gucci purse, your supposed to get the matching outfit and shoes to match but that would put you in the streets. My point is in a year from now that gucci purse is usless.

10. Stop Using Your Credit Cards and Get some Real Cash.

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