People do Your Homework On Earmarks

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Am i the only one that had no Clue about what earmarks are? Well i did my usual search around on the net and i come to find out that there has not been a story on earmarks since 2006. What i found even more amusing is the rather big amount of money that Congress just Feels like spending our money on. Here are a few links to the stories that wrote about the government earmark.

Lawmakers increased spending by more than 6 percent from last year to pay for almost 10,000 special projects for their home districts, according to Citizens Against Government Waste, a Washington-based group that seeks to eliminate inefficiency in government.

The group cited $500,000 being spent on the teapot museum and $100,000 on the boxing club as being particularly egregious wastes of public money and deserving of derisive “oinker” awards.


What bothers me the most is that There is no New numbers on how much is washington spending in earmarks and how much are they cutting?? This is where both Obama and McCain are working with the same. Bring out the Truth Congress and the Truth Shall Set you Free.

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