Spike Lee’s Ad Agency Reaches Out To The Underground Hip Hop

Babylon A.D.Image via Wikipedia

Spike Lee’s advertising agency, Omnicom Group’s Spike DDB, has partnered with goldmic.com, a hip-hop social networking site, to bring new brands to the five-year old site.

The partnership also means that Spike DDB clients, who include Pepsi, Turner Networks and Johnson and Johnson, may be offered the option of advertising on the site. “We will certainly consider how to approach our clients,” said Joel Johnson, managing director, of New York based Spike DDB.

Current advertisers include Nike and the upcoming Vin Diesel film “Babylon A.D.“. According to Johnson, goldmic.com will begin targeting categories such as apparel, entertainment, consumer electronics and education.

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  1. Jeremiah · August 16, 2008

    Makes a lot of sense that ad agencies tie the knot w/ niche social networks. Spike has always been a visionnary.

  2. Broken Sheepskin · September 3, 2009

    Spike needs to do a remake of meet John Doe w/Jamie Foxx

  3. G-wiz Baker · December 17, 2009

    My name is Grant “G-wiz” Baker of “The Jingle Kings”, and my company has written some of the “Hottest” Hip-Hop JIngles for the largest Restaurant Chains in the World, including Chilli’s and Mc Donald’s. My Jingles are currently distributed globally on Training Dvd’s, Ringtones and are in rotation on Local Television in America.
    (See for yourself!)

    You can check out my work at: http://www.myspace.com/thejinglekings

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