Dr. Dre Is Getting Into The Headphone Business

scaled.IMG 3747
Dr. Dre is not stupid, i guess he knows with this Iphone craze everybody is going towards headphones as there prime way of hearing music. Of course Dr. Dre didn’t just get into regular headphones he is doing a Noise Cancelling “studio” headphones.

At $349, these are priced at exactly the same point as the Bose QuietComfort 3, these headphones closest competitor. I’ve been wearing them for the past hour and found them on par with the QC3s in terms of noise reduction. They have very crisp bass and a nice separation as well.


The market is already saturated with some really neat headphones so he will have to really use his name to get them out there. one thing that does set these apart is that it uses standard AAA batteries instead of its own rechargeable pack so in case you didn’t recharge it at night you can just buy some cheap ones.

I still wouldn’t Just rely on headphones for your final mixes. Headphones do a bad job at telling you if the audio is distorted.


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