Ideas are a dime Dozen

Although this might be true all ideas are possible as long as you feel you have time for it. Lets just say for a minute you know what im talking about and i ask you what do you do for money?

Good now regardless of the answer you give me are there other ways you know how to make money?

If you answered yes and Your a doctor wouldn’t you have to change what you have been doing for all those years in school just to become A sound engineer?

Ok if your still lost let me break it down. Why are we wasting our kids first 17 years of bullshit school when they know what they would like to do at a younger age?

For security, Your reading this and was really thinking of yourself but you forget that there was 2 people involved with your life before you chose the life that you have now. You think that the school system when taken full advantage of should produce a good person in society with a good chance to make a good living doing what they push themselves to do and be good at it.

But not all of us are programed that way and That person starts to see other means of making it in this world that is possible to be anything. It might not happen to you but it has happened. So if it happened to him or her it is possible to happen to me.

There is a famous quote that people use maybe everyday. “I was born alone and i will die alone” this is a great quote for Single born children, but how about twins? What about the twins that are born together and died together in a car accident? im not saying i know this has happened because i have not looked this up anywhere but its very possible. so now born alone die alone is for a chosen few.

I know im making a big deal out of nothing just to explain my point of haveing ideas but not putting the effort to get it done. but since i rarly post things that make sense only to me i thought i might give you a link to a comment that i made that starts off this little post of mine.

I had that Idea Years Ago

So whats the point of my story. well that if you do want to be a doctor this proffession takes years of your life to achieve and it is quite possible not to be a good doctor but you might of made a great webdesigner. but who knows untill you do it but now you just spent 20 years tring to perfect your craft and with economy doing bad you decide you want to change your career because you know one is making more money then the other.

Shit thats a tough pill to swallow, but it is possible its all on you doing it.


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