Lil Wayne is Shooting The New Video “Got Money”



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  1. DJ Jazzy Jiz · October 25, 2008

    This guy is a complete idiot!!! I saw him TRY to play guitar on SNL – I couldn’t stop laughing, it was halarious, know 6 yr olds who can do better.

    And his “singing” .. holy shit, give me break. What the fuck is this guy doing making records!!!

    His voice is going through a process called Anteres Auto-tune. It’s usually used to mike fine corrections to vocals that might be slightly out of tune. But Cher tried to use it by unrealistically over-doing-it to use as an artistic device – to make her voice sound kind of like a robot or computer, it sounded ok when used for the chorus in one song only. But this idiot has gone WAY overboard with this shit! He probably has absolutely no intonation or control of his voice so he can only sing (if you can call it that) through Auto-Tune turned-up to 100%. What a complete douche bag. It should be illegal for this dumb fuck to make recordings or to even use the work “music”. He and his producers should be set on fire and thrown screaming out of a helicopter!!!

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