Gay Hip Hop And It Has Been In Hollywood.

So who is your favorite gay rapper? How about your favorite Gay actor? Well over at Gawker They have a few comments on who people think is gay. Author Terrance Dean‘s much-hyped autobiography about all of the gays that are, well, hiding in hip hop. The comments that the users have left is what is worth the read.


at 02:18 PM on 05/12/08


Uhm, isn’t “Junior” an awfully obvious psuedonym for Cuba Gooding?


at 02:19 PM on 05/12/08


Fritz = Eriq LaSalle? Lucas = Will Smith? Too obvious?


at 02:30 PM on 05/12/08


I am not surprised to learn that Corey Haim went down on Russell Simmons.


at 02:44 PM on 05/12/08


So where’s Puffy and Kanye?


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