No More Flavor Of Love For Flav

Flavor flav

It’s official: Flavor of Love is over. But as one chapter of the titular character’s life closes another opens — in a Wizard of Oz-like twist, Flav has realized that what he needed (Liz the mother of his youngest son Karma), has been right there in front of him all along. We spoke to a visibly tired, but in his words “relieved,” Flav immediately after the reunion taped. Below, he talks about his newly minted fiancée, the series that remade him into a household name and why Flavor of Love’s end doesn’t mean he’s turning his back on reality TV entirely. From the looks of it, those chapters are bound to keep coming.

Source VH1



  1. jenny · May 27, 2008

    His personality is just like his ugly ass face. First he did it to New York, but what he did to Thing 2 was even more disgusting. I hope Shy and Thing 2 sue his ugly ass!

    Flava Flav! You give black men a bad name! Heck, you give all men a bad name!

  2. uway · May 27, 2008

    i don’t really look at it like that. this man use to be a crack head and now he has 5 shows under his belt. not bad for being a hype man

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