Blame The Republicans for the Crashed Markets.

If you ask me bush and this billion dollar a month war that we have no control over is destroying our economy .Watch how fast things change with a new president. The market is crashing and I bet the republicans will argue that it was put in place 12 years ago with clinton and is the reason for this Bullshit Economy that we have.

The public has been lied to for too long and now the market is not growing like expected. Nobody is announcing that in  6 months the market Lost over 2500 points.  That number is so alarming that it would cause mass histeria if it was on the news as much as Britney.

Well thats all planed out too people. Fill your brain on senseless media so you don’t worry as much about our state of emergency that the country will be in. Abandoned shipped with all the passengers left to drown with it. Pay attention America it seems that we have fallen behind the world.


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