Bigger Is Better? Not if i have something to say about it.

So you think bigger is better? well lets go back way back to when bigger was all there was. Dinosaurs,  thats right that far back, now think about this for 2 seconds of your life. It took them Millions of years to die off but the one thing they don’t say is what if the dinosaurs were just too big? Case in point what if humans were this small?

courtsey of the little people blog

now i know your thinking like ok Yuset thats just dolls, yes that was my observation but analyze the situation from another point of view. Look at that doll that represents our past, and think of when the earths population was next to nothing just a few hundred years back.

This frightens me because although one human is that small to the world. Billions of us are like ants moving in for resources and devouring the land for our consumption until the world has no more to give. Think small for once, it might save us all.


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