Tracking Feedburner Feeds


Lately i have been obsessed with feedburner stats and how well some people do with it.

Problogger to me has made a big jump in the last few days from 24,500 to the 26,000 readers. im no math guy but thats a good increase. John Chow broke his 6,000 mark which he made a post about the 5,000 mark and he blue threw that .

This blog seems to never get speed but im not trying to help or promote anything on this site but what i go threw

but i wouldn’t mind having a reader  that would get stats or readers of feedburner blogs. sometimes i wish how to write some of these widgets programs bring in tons of traffic.



  1. pearl · July 7, 2007

    hey – my feedburner isn’t picking up any stats either but if you click on the live stats, it does have stats there! otherwise, it’ll just show zero! i dont understand it either but i really dont care about it.. i use google analytics, and that works like a charm.. very detailed view of stats!

  2. uway · July 7, 2007

    i like google too but the day after feature drives me nuts real time is where its at for me.

  3. BeefJerky · July 7, 2007

    My feedburner stats bounce up and down like the stock market… it’s sort of ridiculous how i can go from 30 to 35 and then to 10 to 6 and now 2… that really bothers me a bit, but i guess you can never really count on these things anyways. Great site…

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