My first Wiki Page

Its not a 4 page bio or nothing just a quick overview of who i am and what im doing. Me with my hair down.I recommend any blogger with a blog to do one on themselves just because you can link back with wikipedia to your site.

I say this because of alexa ranking helps your page get views and views just means good news. This page is a 5 and its not linked but its on so that gives it power on the internet with directories.

WordPress knows this and of course does not allow you to advertise so at least it keeps you a honest blogger. the only gain is readers not cash flow.

For those that can monetize there website getting a high rank is months away while this blog is only 3 months old my rank is sky high but alexa is dead. Well thats the whole explanation i gave of why wordpress don’t let us monetize the blogs. High rank but no traffic can cause a problem with people trying to cheat the system.

either way if you link back from a high ranking site it gives your original home page better ranking in the long run with alexa. So give me a look up on Wiki by my name Yuset Pozo and if you know more about me edit it if you want.

You know how they say “i know more about him then he knows about himself” well i would like to put that to the test.



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  2. Irrampsaf · October 28, 2008

    Heh.. Are you trying to reach my gray addition I have a nice joke. Did you hear about the two men who walked into a bar? The third one ducked.

  3. Bill Bartmann · September 3, 2009

    Excellent site, keep up the good work

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