Will Bloggers Make New Rules To the Making Money Online.

John Chow was bragging again with his 19,000 AGLOCO Sign Up   and i went to thinking. What if all this Agloco shit is really all just a SCAM.

Will people be pissed and boycott the bloggers that promoted the dog shit out of it? Or is too late, Google has john chow with a high ass rank and for him to just stop getting traffic immediately i don’t think will happen. But as time goes on and people stop linking to him because of negative press with Agloco (if it is a scam).

Im curious to find out if this has an effect on him or is he edged in stone as long as he keeps posting? All i know is With that many sign ups not only would you brag about how much you made, If he doesn’t get paid John Chow will be the first to let us know.

Will this start bloggers to start making rules not to entertain those money scheming, money hungry blogs that are willing to lie and cheat readers into thinking there going to get paid and all the while its just another scam.



  1. MrGPT · June 24, 2007

    Completely true.
    Another great article is at “Is Agloco a scam?.


  2. uway · June 24, 2007

    hey john if your reading this on my there blog pro audio matrix. if you search my blog with the name of the site you come up top page in the alexa search on my previous post on taking your links. just want to say it looks like your going to make an income till the internet shuts down.

  3. freebiesandmore · July 3, 2007

    This site is owned by the same team who ran AllAdvantage which crashed and burned. They left 1000’s of members unpaid. I sure wouldn’t trust a site which closed up shop and didn’t pay most of the members they left hanging. Many people who have been around since they went poof remember not being paid. I sure wouldn’t take my chances on joining a site which ran out on thier members once. Isn’t there an old saying of fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?

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