How Can We All Get Paid With A Blog Lottery?

I always wondered why a lottery had to be so big of a pot. I been doing a lot of thinking on this idea of everybody having there own Blog Lottery on there blog. Now hear me out before you shit on my idea but it is very simple and the investment is very small.

I’m looking for somebody that can create a wordpress or any other plugin that will allow you to place a jackpot on your site and get them to play to receive the final pot. For example the jackpot is 100 bucks. just to get people to participate you put up 5 bucks of your own. the plugin would be setup so that when you contribute to the pot your contribution is jotted down and the pot grows, there is a min. of .25 cents and a max of 10 bucks to bid. Who ever bid reaches the hundred gets the hundred. If you run into a blog with a lottery plugin on it and the site tells you how many visitors are currently online and there are no visitors on there.

The pot is at 79 bucks what do you do. you purchase 21 dollars and you win 100 bucks cause your bid Completed the jackpot. Now your thinking well now that the money is gone who will put for the pot to keep going for the next round? If your blog has readers and a lot of them advertisers want them too. For example someone just won the jackpot of 100 bucks. this can be more im just starting off small. And instead of the people putting up the initial money you get advertisers to put up those first few dollars like 30 bucks and people begin to bid on the money and waiting till it gets past that 50 mark and you start biding your money to try to be the first to reach 100 bucks.

The plugin will have to be in real-time so as soon as you contribute your money the account shows the status instantly. like a on digg only you digg with money and you can bid little by little till you can make that big bid and be the first to the 100 bucks. now the plugin is setup so that you purcharse credits before you play so the system can be in real time and the money can be credited back to your account if you bought credits and was not used.

Money is not free so how can people claim that they are a lottery if no money is being exchanged, this was what i found online while i was researching about online lotteries. The problem is you have to have a reason for someone to just put money in the air and hope to win. With this sysem your blog wins because off the traffic your generating and the plugin will be designed not to recieve money once there is a winner. your credits are refused and you can continue on to the next jackpot bid for money. The plugin is setup that it only accepts a payment one at a time and you see the jackpot filling up getting close to that hundred. The person that puts in the last bid and it reaches 100 hundred before anybody that person wins the 100 bucks. even if that person just put in .25 cents.

Now the advertiser gives you 30 bucks to start up the next jackpot bid for money and you start the process all over again. Remember after the pot reaches 50 bucks the chances of you winning are in your favor. Not every body is willing to put up 50 bucks to win 100. But in the long run it makes sense if your doubling your money when you win. Let me give you this crazy example. When i bid on something off ebay and i didn’t win the bid i feel like how did his/her money get there before mine and that is how i came up with this little idea that if you can bid on something and not know that you won why not atleast bid for money that you could win and not the product.

Why cant we do a blog lottery? Everybody is trying to sell you something i rather come up with ways to make money for everybody. I love the saying there is enough money to go around. if your confused i need questions to answer. So hit me up on comments


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