Are You Passing Up Sites That Lead To Myspace?


If you get the question the first time you read it then its just not me that’s feeling like this. For those that i have to explain this to might not feel me. For 3 solid months now i have been blogging harder then i ever have before due to gaining a client and rebuilding a new site for my self. I spend my time constantly online searching and reading and linking till i can’t stay up any more. Day after day i get off from work and i search and post and edit the rest of the night. now its driving my wife a little crazy but she understands the beginning process with me is always a bit obsessive but she knows it will pass. When i first started blogging in Oct. O4 i went thru this same process. Which brings me to this conclusion of my question. Myspace when i first started was a lot like all these new services

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that are emerging in the horizon. One thing is for sure I hate going to a Myspace site. Even my own for that matter I mean the server is just filled with nonsense and all that code is starting to get jumbled up I’m sure of it. My browser runs at least half the speed then if im just surfing regular blogs. Is the rain of myspace over? or are they in a desperate need of an upgrade. To me myspace is the 1.5 of the web and then todays 2.0 sites just blows it away. Last.FM Has a lot more credibility then myspace could ever dream of having for musicians. But thats just my personal opinion.



  1. fourjaks · June 2, 2007

    You are one of my very first blogs I’ve ever read. Very intriguing about the myspace. I am attempting to begin my blog creation journey with an idea linked to new music and how to utilize this tool effectively for up and comers in the young teen to eartly twenties seen. Your words have enlightened me to this game of blogging and I do appreciate your insight.
    Thanks for being so candid.

  2. iset · June 2, 2007

    There is a lot of compition with blogs but if your passonate enough people will notice you. There are Millions and millions of users online you only need 1000 of them a day to survive. With blogs that is accomplished in a few months with good content on your site.

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  4. Mike Brown · January 11, 2008

    I think what Myspace and Facebook has done is incredible! However, with everything, there are somethings that they both can improve on.

    I am launching my very own social networking website very soon that will change social networking as we know it. I am looking to give users an experience, and not a bunch of features that do them no well.

    The name of my site is and it will go public very soon. Trust me, this site will give social networking users what they want- a smooth clean site without tons of backrounds, and privacy issues. Just wait and see! will revolutionize the “game” as we know it.

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