Is Google Ripping Off Bloggers

Like any other blogger i am obsessed with Internet traffic to my site so i notice everything. Im new to a service called Mybloglog and they have this great tracking system that keeps track of who visits and what not. For the past couple of days I know for a fact i didn’t have any clicks towards my google adsense. I hope google plays it fair but i know i didn’t have any registered clicks with yahoo but for some reason mybloglog counted a click towards google adsense. Hmmm.. now whats really going on.



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  2. vidae · May 31, 2007

    I’ve been checking in adsense clicks and they don’t stack up to what sitereader says. I don’t know. I hadn’t been watching my blog close for a few months, so they got me.

    Thanks for stopping by Christian Fiction Blog.

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