Just When You Get Used To it Being Friday Its Saturday Already.

Man its like Friday is the longest day to approach but the shortest day of the week. Well Its Saturday morning and I’m not surprised that i had a decline in traffic last night probably because of master p. Man this guys career is so over its ridiculous i swear It must be cause I’m from new Orleans that they made it news down here but the web don’t care bout no P. Miller.

I hope my day goes as plan i have a meeting with some potential clients on building a new web page for a restaurant. I hope it all goes well this will be a first for me but i think i can handle it. I just never did anything for a restaurant but i know how to promote so that’s pretty much all he needs from me. Well I won’t bore you with my personal schedule any longer i just needed to fuck over master p right quick cause he making my site ugly. so im posting a few rants to drive him down the page a few.


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