My First Time In Jury Duty

How many of you have gotten that letter for jury duty lately. My first time today for jury duty and it was not pleasant. Every bad thing they say about it is not false. The judicial system is very complicated for the simplest things and make the most complicated a quick fast fix. Just to give you a taste of these cases that i was presented to. My first trial to be juror i was not pick to be on the stand so no sweat there. If i remember correctly the first trial was a criminal trial and it had something to do with sleeping in someones trailer without the owner allowing it. They where friends to begin with but the police got called anyway. Next Trial I’m in I’m not so lucky this time around when i here my name get called to take the stand. Now for anybody that has not been to jury duty they simply just call your name with a number. They pick 13 to 14 people from a list and you take the juror seats and the lawyers then they judge what type of character your are from your past experiences with the law or the person on trial. Anyway I’m up there and i get asked to state my name and what i do for work and if I’m married and have kids. I answer all the questions and then the lawyers start drilling you. They start to ask if you ever been a victim or if you have ever been given settlements and all kinds of legal crap. This one was a civil trial so i can see why all the money questions. But if you didn’t know you have a 51% chance at winning in a civil court and a 2% chance at proving your innocents in the criminal system. If i learned anything today it was that one statistic fact that a criminal only has a 2% chance at proving his innocents. In order to get a conviction you need 99% Of reasonable doubt that this person did the crime. Tell me if i got that wrong if any lawyers are reading. So I’m sitting on the stand and the lawyer suing the state for this old poor poor lady that didn’t have a thing wrong with her asked me. Hypothetically would you be able to judge this trial fair if i knew that if i awarded the old poor poor lady the money that it is possible that your taxes may go up. I thought about it for one second and i told him there is no way with you telling me that will i be fair in awarding this money to this lady. That got me out of that trail quick. Third and final trial i was called again and this time i had one more thing to get me out of this trial. The judge ask me if i have ever been convicted of a felon and i said your honor may i approach the bench. She let me up and all the lawyers gather around to what i had to say and i let her know i was on probation for a felony. That did it i was disqualified to be a juror and i was never more happier then that one moment that i was on probation. Now if you ever need to get out of jury duty all you need to say is your on probation and make sure you know the name of a probation officer that handles felonies. Its a joke people you still need to be on probation for it to work. lol

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