I Have Been Hard At Work

Man talk about all work and no play. I have been building my latest project called Pro Audio Matrix. Basically i created my own wish-list of items that i would love to own or even just to work with and to give the reader a sense of real pro equipment. I also harvest as many feeds from reliable pro audio resources as i can and latest topics on pro audio forums.

With so much stuff on-line you can be there for weeks looking around for that piece of gear that you know will help the project. well that’s where i come in to the game. I wanted to create at central command station for pro audio. Take all that i love and want in equipment to discussion on multiple forums i have that going on right now. so thanks wordpress but I’m going to be neglecting you for a short period of time. Here is the feed on my side bar if you must know what all the fuss is about.

Pro Audio Matrix - All things Pro Audio

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P.S. This is mostly a photo blog but everything pro audio


One comment

  1. Summit Lectern · March 4, 2009


    We would like to invite you to “Bonanzle.” It bills itself as a place to find “Everything but the Ordinary,” which means they’re geared toward helping you find great deals and unique items.

    Bonanzle also has live chatting built into every store, which makes it kind of like a street fair where you can talk to (or bargain with) the sellers in real time. Here is a sample booth for Music Gear. We supply this booth for their audio equipment

    Give it a quick look sometime and let us know what you think.

    From, Summit Lectern

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