First post of the year

Its a new year and I had a fairly good time spending it with just my
family. Not with relatives or a bunch of friends. Just me, my wife and
child. I bought my own bag of fireworks and had a blast, pardon the
pun. Aside that my car broke down I see positive change in my life. I
think for the first year in a while I’m not worried about a bill. Far
from rich but close to peace of mind. I wonder what is more important
sometimes. Money or peace of mind. People like to combine these two in
a sentance but one has nothing to do with the other. I really don’t
think that is possible to have a peace of mind when your rich. Just
think about it, no matter how laid out you have it the one thing rich
people always have to worry about is losing there money and that is
never peacefull. So I guess if you can find something that just gets
you by and gets you at least some of the things you want you can
achieve some happiness and peace of mind. But with everything in life
there is one garuantee, we all gone die.


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