Im back home

It feels good to finaly be home in New Orleans..a lot has changed and shit is still fucked up out here but there is no place like home..I sleep better at night now that im in my own bed and not some hotel. I am greatful for the hospitality but i needed to be home and start rebuilding this city to a better place. Pre-Katrina New Orleans i was trying to leave this bitch but now with the new growth in the city there might be a chance to make it a great city it once was. Violence had reach old hieghts that started to scare even the most innocent people. The summer of katrina gave New Orleans a cleaning that was long overdue. Hopefully this will wake up New Orleans and get our act together to move forward.


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  1. Anonymous · March 25, 2006

    Hey everyone,

    I rarely ever post to draw attention to my shows, but I thought this weekend’s show was worth doing a little pre-publicity for.

    On Sunday, March 26, I have Matt Rothschild, the Editor of The Progressive magazine, as a guest and the topic will be impeachment. Mr. Rothschild has laid out a very convincing case for impeachment of the President, and you can read about it here:

    You can also listen to a 16 minute audio recording of Mr. Rothschild laying out the case for impeachment here:

    The show starts at 10pm and runs until 12am. If you don’t listen live, you can also go to for audio archives of the show, generally available within a couple hours after the program ends. All my archives are there, and also at the website,

    To listen live: You will need either Windows Media Player, Winamp, Itunes, or other streaming media player.

    Hope you join me!


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