Gmail invite givaway

Hello folks..i got a ton of these gmail invites and i would not mind to give a few away for some extra traffic..just hit me up at and i will have your invite on its way. Please all i ask is that you post a comment telling me you got it…



  1. Blanco · November 3, 2005

    Ask and you shall receive. Thanks for stopping by and posting on my blog. I am covered on the Gmail. Blanco was here.

  2. ladydaria · November 3, 2005

    Don’t we all? As a matter of fact I just posted about this myself yesterday.

  3. u-set · November 3, 2005

    yeah and i can’t get rid of them any faster…i been posting every where that i got them..guess google got most of the blogging community

  4. Robert · November 4, 2005

    Thanks You! I got the invite and set up an account i’m offically a geek too. I’ll spead the word around…

  5. Mr. ? · November 5, 2005

    I have about 19 spare gmail invites also if any one wants them

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