Music sucks

Is it me or does music suck these days, there is nothing that is worth buying or listening for that matter.. Im disapointed with hip hop, soul, r&b, pop, rock, all genre of music is pissing me off. We need a change, im not sure just yet but when i got something i wll let you know



  1. Anonymous · November 29, 2004

    Ugh, I was just saying the same thing while flipping channels the other day. NOTHING is good. The country station, the pop station, the rock station, even the classic rock stations are playing all the same ten songs over and over. Someone needs to make some good music, fast.  

    Posted by Beth

  2. Anonymous · November 29, 2004

    LOL! I just thought I must be getting old! 

    Posted by Laura

  3. Anonymous · December 1, 2004

    Try Van Hunt, Rez, Ndegeocello, Goapele. There is good music out there – but middle-class to rich white kids aren’t buying it, MTV/BET/VH1 (altho’ i give VH1 Soul a lil’ credit) doesn’t play it, radio stations don’t play it.

    Now we can empathize with our parents. They called the music of the early 90s crap, while we knew every word to every song.  

    Posted by Adrienne

  4. Anonymous · March 3, 2005

    speaking of van hunt–one of the cats that play with him live, mastered our boy flynn’s album, on illect (it’s called “in like flynn”). — that’s good music. 😉

    thought i’d try to associate it somehow while doing some self-promotion.

    really though–definitely a lot of good music out there. but the older you get, or rather, the more mature you get? you realize that what you’re looking for isn’t on the radio.


    Posted by jon

  5. iset · March 4, 2007

    You know coming back to this post i see im not off.

  6. yayo · June 13, 2007

    music sucks! my mp3 player is full of old music (not that old). i don’t know about you, but i’m not buyind cd’s any more.

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