Do you buy Bootlegs?

I use to be a critic against movie bootlegs..but recently i have not seen a good movie that i use to pay for in a while…i was buying movies from the old blockbuster or walmart for a couple of years, but now that im broke these days i have excepted a bootleg version here and there…Times have sure changed..a couple of friends of mine loan me some bootleg movies and the quality was the same as if i bought it from the store…I’m not totally converting to bootlegs but until i get back on my feet Hollywood is gonna have to really impress me before they get another buck out of me.



  1. Anonymous · November 20, 2004

    I enjoyed reading some of your comments. I totally agree with you about bootleg movies..I have none but could see your reasoning.

    Posted by Les Lewellyn

  2. Anonymous · November 22, 2004

    I COMPLETELY understand. I have embraced the bottlegs and bootleggers of the world. I just bought Ray and its great. Its just as good as it was in the show! 

    Posted by Ms. CJ

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