He should of got off

I was routing for Scott Peterson due to the fact that there was no solid evidence that he committed the crime..But did his wife come from the bottom of the lake just in time for his conviction to tell on his actions…who knows, but what no one talked about was this chick disappeared about 2 years ago…shouldn’t the body be bones by now?? did they find the bones of the baby..I’m confused, maybe i didn’t follow the case to well but if some jury members had to get replaced because they didn’t agree with the case isn’t that a mistrial? They went ahead and found new jurors that was following the case and that should be a conflict of interest…I’m no lawyer but i like to ask a lot of questions especially if my freedom is in jepordy…



  1. Anonymous · November 13, 2004

    Hey saw your comment on my blog thanks. I need to look at some of notes on the trial I took over the last few months. But this is my opinion based on my recollections. Her body could prob be relativly there even though badly decomposed and god knows what else. A person can be convicted of murder on circumstantial evidence but the jury has to find there is no reasonable or rational other possibilty. The problem I have here no weapon no evidence (direct of his involvment) and no sign of anything anywhere. This case is going to be appealed 1. allowing all that stuff phone calls transcripts about his affair was extremally predudical. Some can come in but you get to the point where it unfairly makes the jury believe your just evil esp if it is not connected with a crime. 2)Jurors performing independent test in that boat and that coupled with the fact the judge did not allow his attorney to present a expert to say that no way he could have done that because the boat would have tipped over. 3)somethings up with the jurors, 3 getting dismissed hum whats up with that I dont know we wont know till the trial is over because even the dismissed jurors have a gag order. I think the prosecution got to much of a free reign in this case and I am speaking as a former prosecutor. that coupled with some shoddy police work I think this case gets sent back. I comment again when I review my notes. But you are def right on one thing those jurors wern’t fighting for a week over nothing for two weeks hardly a day after a “problem juror” is dismissed come back with the severest punishment. Something is up. 

    Posted by james hood

  2. Anonymous · November 13, 2004

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Yes, he should have gotton off. Life is funny, isn’t it. 

    Posted by BOBBI

  3. Anonymous · November 16, 2004

    Hi,I read your opi on the peterson case i agree with u to apoint.. no weapon.. no evidence of how when where.. but you know what i also have a problem with case that u have all of this info and the murder gets off free or with a lesser charge.. My best friend was murder recently by her spouse and all though.. all the evidence to what happen.. he may get off with a lesser charge.. so what about that.. peterson deserve a fair trial but do he or any murder give their victims a fair chance… Our juidical systems gives more rights to the defendants than the victims.. defendents can get off on technicalities.. but what about the victims.. just my thoughts.. but i also wanted to tell u i enjoyed reading… you blog..

    Posted by Anonymous

  4. Anonymous · November 16, 2004

    well thats another issue all together, Guilty till proven innocent is the new justice in this country and that is what i think im tring to get at…the system is not fair and yes true murders due get off do to a technicality but thats how the system has been and it is time for a change how is where the challange comes to play. Im not on either side on this case do to bad media hype and all the facts are not present. I have always been tought not to assume anything because you can make an ass out of yourself..The other thing is what if he would of had a better lawyer. We might be having a whole new discussion about how the lawyer got him off and we still would be thinking he is guilty..no win situation when the media makes you public enemy number one. 

    Posted by u_set

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