Why 666?

well as all the bloggers know by now there is a great site that helps with traffic called blogexplosion. Well in order to move on to the next site you have to click on random numbers in random locations…the crazy part is and its probably nothing but i constanly get the 666 number to click on and this erks me…i can’t stand to see that number on anything..even people with that number on there licence plate i think to myself i would take it back..Call me supersticious but i can really do with out those set of numbers…anothere reason why it makes me feel funny is in my stats on my page on blogexplosion my traffic for the week was 666…i posted it on my page and no one seem to care..For a country that believes in all these morals its funny that these numbers are accepted in our everyday life. Since america is banning everything, 666 should be at the top of the list.



  1. Anonymous · November 12, 2004


    Posted by u_set

  2. Anonymous · November 12, 2004

    how did you get the stats from blogexplosion? I can’t seems to figure out at all. 

    Posted by mom3dd

  3. Anonymous · November 12, 2004

    well i tried to click to your link but that didn’t work so hopfully you come back and read it… when you go to your add/edit blog you will see some parallel lines under your hit count and that is your link to your stats 

    Posted by u_set

  4. Anonymous · November 13, 2004

    So funny you mentioned this because I was thinking the same thing! Why in the world would they use that number? Of all numbers they use 666!~ How can we get that banned because I seem to always come accross it as well!! I hate it, hate it, HATE IT!!!!! 

    Posted by BOBBI

  5. Anonymous · November 20, 2004

    Blog Explosion is run by Satan. It is probably a conspirarcy against John Kerry 

    Posted by Candi

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