What happen people???

This shit is fucked up…its official Satan is still on the thrown..Were back to being Republis. and no i didn’t spell that wrong thats a Republican mixed with communist…yall better hope that patriot acted don’t get revised cause all our privacy is gone…well i just had a thought…what if the war is over in a couple of months it seems all planed if you put the pieces together. If son bush asked Father bush “Dad when you where president what do you think you did wrong during your term to not get reelected?” Father Bush replied “I stopped the war before election and gave the American people a choice to move on.” Son Bush said “I don’t get it?” Father “Just shut up and listen you idiot, If i would of kept the war going all the way threw election the people of the U.S. will not change commander midway.” Son Bush “Oh i get it now daddy pretend like we at war so we fool the American people believing that I’m the only man to continue the job and they just don’t have a choice but to stick to there guns”…Father “Yeah something like that shit head”…now this is totally a scenario that i made up in my head but how far fetched is it????


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