Hell on earth (america)

When Bin Ladin said he was trying to bankrupt the U.S. he knows this country runs on money..Im a strong believer in “Money Is The Root Of All Evil”. Money makes people do things they normally wouldn’t do…You would do something evil for money or you would do something nice…as long as money is in the picture people will do as there told…Now the devil might not rule the world but he can own a piece of it…and the best trick the devil has ever done is to make people believe he does not exist…Land of the Free Home of the Brave…In god we trust…this can all be subliminal…were are slaves to the almighty dollar…life is not right with broken pockets..shit you can’t even get along with your significant other when times are hard…our views on life are warped in this country and we need to stop the madness…the crazy part of this whole thing is none of that money is need where were going…some of yall know what im talking about for those of you that think im crazy…your right…i’d rather be crazy than a slave.


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  1. Anonymous · November 4, 2004


    Posted by u_set

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