First Time Convicted Felon (cont.)

So im back on the road for the next court date. Its like 3:30 in the morning and im driving to Florida…This time they have prior cases before me so felony court didn’t start till i spent another whole day in court just to find out that the case is still not ready but they accepted a plea…i choose no contest…ok see you next month…folks getting a record out of state is excruciating…and not to mention i have a additional 4 hours to get home..Damn!

I talk to the public pretender (offender) before my trial and he reassured that i was not going to do any time and probation was pretty much what i was looking at..Well i took a very nochalant approach to it and i ended up being late to my court hearing…why did i do that..the judge locked me up right where i stood…i had a bag of trees in my pocket that i had to play off cause the officer was emptying my pockets and i hurried up and told my wife to get my wallet and she grab the bag out from my pocket and i was happy that i wasn’t at least caught up on another charge…just like that i could of ruined my life…well im in lock up for three days and judge set no bail and no set date when i was to see him…but on the 3rd day i see the judge and he is not happy with me…he gives me probation and 30 days in jail…DAMN!!

I didn’t do the time right on the spot because i begged him to see if i can do my time in new orleans were i live and he permitted me one week to get it accomplished..i still have not been home from the time i had been arrested…but i was ordered to see my florida probation officer before i did my time…now this is where it just made no sense but its the way it happened..when i go to report to the P.O. he has to grant me the permission to leave florida in order for me to go home..this caused a problem considering all the offices to get the permit to leave have closed for the day…DAMN!!

On top of the fact that i can’t leave the day i got out, but i can’t leave the state till they allow me to..well im sick to my stomach by now and i need some rest.. i crash out in a hotel with wifey and continue the struggle early in the morning..To my surprise the state of florida denies me permission to leave the state so now the P.O. is telling me i should just finish the rest of the time that was issued to me by the judge and after that they would transfer my papers to louisiana so i can do my probation there…The kicker is the judge allowed me to go home to try to get my time transfered but i try to talk to the judge and let him know what i am faced with in his own town…folks to make a long story short i don’t know what came over the judge but he reversed the sentencing to just probation and he gave me timed served for being late to court…how that fell into my advantage i don’t know, my wife said it is god…but by the laws eyes im wrong..Lucky for me i am selfemployed but a week without work can put anybody out on the streets…if i had a real job if i wasn’t fired the first time there’s no excuse for the it brings me back to the 9 to 5 life..Nobody hires convicted felons…I better hope business is succesfull…


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  1. Anonymous · November 19, 2004

    first off i want to tell u that i have enjoyed reading every single entry u have and i do agree with your wife about will smith.. i will help her find info on that.. =) but i wanted to bring something to your attention… You said that for what u were convicted which is not on your top 5… the day u went to court late.. you went to jail with no bail set! okay.. but did u know that you #1 (murder) bail has to be set… its your american right… hmmm makes no since to me…. well i hope u learned from your lesson and give thanks to god for your supporting wife and beutiful daughter… i think i figured what u did….=)anyway.. i look forward to read more… you have good points and view.. and love the BUSH.. one w/ his dad.. =) 

    Posted by Anonymous

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