Free Cuba!!

Free Cuba

How realistic is this statement…as much as i would like to go back to cuba the truth is i can’t go back…not now and i dont quiet know when…but i also wonder why cubans are not rallying up to go against castro and free cuba..just like there doing in iraq…but since no money is to be made in cuba that subject seems to loose its steam…I know that cuba is communist but i what i don’t understand about my own people is if it is fucked up in cuba why us as cuban americans not doing anything about it…i dont know the ins and outs of cuban politics and kind of affraid what i would find out…Im also not sure if its entirely castro’s fault on how the country is run…if the people of cuba don’t stand up for themselves how will we know what the real problem is…im not tring to move back to cuba if i could cause i been here all my life and im set in my ways but i would love to visit my country sometime in my lifetime and for my daughter to see her home land..for any cubans out there that are ready to start a new cuban revolution let me know about it…i would love to contribute my ideas and thoughts about this situation and what can be done about it….Im a cuban that laid silent for years and its time to speak out and find out what the fuck is really going on in cuba..i feel i have been kept in the dark about this someone enlighten me….


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