Yahoo! Best Server Deal so far…

I’ve been seeing al these blog hosting sites that are charging like only a few megs for like 3-7 bucks a month. I hope these guys are wasting there time cuz as far as a blog is concerned everything loads better when your just using text and links. So if I’m going to pay for a server I would have more than a few megs for my few bucks…Yahoo Gives me a good 4 gigs for 20 bucks…There reliable and not to quick to cut you off if you don’t pay up the first of the month…

yahoo is more concerned about how the customer feels then lets juice them for what they got. At least in my opinion. But with a blogger account and my own server is probably the best combo when using blogjet…This little thing allows me to link just about anything video, mp3, doc. Ext.

it has a good code editor to place html and compose in normal view. It gives you the ability to make a professional appearance with out all that HTML stuff..If you know how to copy and paste little sections of html your on your way to having a lot of fun.


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